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Welcome to my album review blog. It includes over 2,000 reviews of albums that I have in my collection of nearly 60,000 songs. The opinions are just that - opinions. Many will disagree, some may agree. On the whole, I try to write positive things about albums I like. Sooner that than tearing into ones I don’t like!

If you have any comments to make on the reviews, I would love to hear them, even if you are politely disagreeing! There is an opportunity to leave comments at the bottom of each review.

The music covered dates from the 1960s onwards. Every artist has their own individual page, found under the 'Artists A-Z' option at the top of the main page or via the 'labels' on the far right column of the page. 

Not all my reviews are punk, in fact, far from it, punk was merely the era when I was young and saw the most gigs, so it has a place in my heart. I have gone into more detail on this on my 'About Me' page. 

Please forgive me for the regular use of superlatives - superbexcellentinfectiousaddictive etc. As my reviews are 98% positive ones, it is difficult to come up with different words with which to praise each individual album. A synonym search always helps, though! There are also a few small typos scattered around, as I write quickly. Again, apologies and I hope they don't spoil your reading of the reviews too much.

DISCLAIMER: My reviews are enhanced with pictures of the artists concerned, sourced from the public domain, which help to give a positive impression of the work in question. Maybe as a result people may go out and buy the music. I hope so. No copyright infringement is intended.