About Me

I was born in the late 1950s, into the rock n roll years. My musical taste covers largely the late 50s to the 90s, although there are favourite artists of mine who are still releasing material now, that I still like, of course. My tastes include Rock, Soul, Reggae, Northern Soul, Motown, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Country, Funk, Disco, Glam, World, New Wave, Punk, Two Tone. 

The opinions I express in these reviews are just that, opinions, nothing more, nothing less. If I don't like as album as much as you do, don't hold it against me! Music is all about opinions. I am not writing these reviews to provide information as to who played what, who produced the album, what barcode it has, or to provide "factoids" about it. There are many books and bloggers that do that. I am just wishing to express how much I like the songs in question, in many cases. Sometimes I listen to a song and I just want to write down what I feel about it. Just a personal indulgence. 

After spending most of my life in the South of England, attending hundreds of gigs, particularly in the punk era, I now live a quiet life in the Scottish Borders.

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