Sunday, 28 February 2021

Jermaine Jackson

Let's Get Serious (1980)

Let's Get Serious/Where Are You Now/You Got To Hurry Girl/We Can Put It Back Together/Burnin' Hot/You're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me/Feelin' Free

This debut solo album from Michael's big brother was produced by Stevie Wonder and matches Off The Wall, in many ways, for me. Yes, it probably just comes up short, but only just. It has unfortunately slipped under many people's radar in their rush to proclaim Michael's 1979 offering as the second coming.

The album kicks off with the stonking eight minutes-plus extended version of Let's Get Serious, a great disco song that needs no introduction. It was a Stevie Wonder co-write, as indeed was Where Are You Now, which sees the mood get very late-night in Off The Wall Michael-ish fashion. 

A distinct Michael vibe is there too on the excellent disco pop of You Got To Hurry Girl and the mood goes all smoochy again for We Can Put It Back Together before the old side two gets the extended disco groove on with the cookin' whistle-blowin' Burnin' Hot before we get the melodic strains of You're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me - you can instantly tell that it is a Stevie Wonder song. 

We are back to the classy disco once more for the quality cut of Feelin' Free. As I said, a most underrated album.

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