Monday, 14 September 2020

The Grateful Dead

"We're like liquorice. Not everybody likes liquorice, but the people who like liquorice really like liquorice" - Jerry Garcia



I have divided The Grateful Dead's work into two sections - click on an image to read the reviews for the relevant period:-



  1. I never really thought of The Grateful Dead as country rock but I guess it really is. It's funny the way you compare them to the Band because I thought Uncle John's Band was by the Band for some reason. For years I thought that, and even now I have to think twice about who did it. lol. My brother was a Dead Head so I'm pretty sure I heard all these albums but for some reason their music never stuck in my head and I never could get into the Grateful Dead. Even though my brother really tried. But I like the song Truckin because it says "truckin' off to Buffalo", and Buffalo is the city that I live in now and for the last 23 years, although I'm originally from Queens New York. I also like the song Touch of Grey from their later years. Nothing else they did really sticks in my head. Recently I got into Country Joe and the Fish and their psychedelic country rock, so maybe I should listen to the Grateful Dead Again and maybe I might like it this time.

  2. I have literally only just started listening to them this past month. They had eluded me before that (of my own choice) a bit like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart.

    Incidentally, an aside - my wife woke me yesterday by telling that Johnny Cash had died. I thought I was dreaming and he didn't really die in 2003. She meant reggae/pop singer Johnny Nash who did in fact die a few days ago.

  3. I didn't know Johnny Nash died. He had some of the best singles ever in the 60s and 70s. Especially I Can See Clearly Now and Hold me Tight. I love those. He was unusual because he was a reggae star who was an American. He was from Texas or something like that.