Monday, 16 March 2020

Daryl Hall & John Oates

I have divided Hall & Oates' career into two sections - click on an image to read the reviews from the relevant periods:-



  1. I always heard that this was a concept album so of course I just had to hear it, cuz of my fascination with Concept albums. But as usual I could never really figure out what the concept was if indeed there was one at all. Other than that the song titles we're kind of like the ones on other concept albums that existed. All those titles with Johnny and the So-and-so's and Beanie and the so-and-so's. And songs about rock stars from space etc. That's about the only concept I could get out of it.

  2. Yes, it stands out in their work as being decidedly odd. It is nothing like any of their other stuff.

  3. I saw that it supposed to be a concept album about life on the road for a rock band. I forgot it was produced by Todd Rundgren, who usually does miracles for people (Grand Funk Railroad, Psychedelic Furs) but this one just sounds kind of noisy to me.

  4. It is not one of my favourites - a challenging listen, shall we say.