Thursday, 7 November 2019

The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed (2019 Remaster)


It has always been about the music, for me, I am not interested in coffee table books, pictures of Mick Jagger or sleeve notes. I fully accept that £140 is a ludicrous price to pay for the vinyl box set and it is a price I would never, ever consider paying. However, I am prepared to purchase the download remaster ( I am listening to it via a streaming service at present), particularly as it has been remastered by the legendary, respected knob-tweaking fingers of Bob Ludwig.


1. Gimme Shelter
2. Love In Vain
3. Country Honk
4. Live With Me
5. Let It Bleed
6. Midnight Rambler
7. You Got The Silver
8. Monkey Man 
9. You Can't Always Get What You Want                                         

So, does it sound any different? The previous remaster sounds excellent, so this one would need to go some to match it. In some tiny respects it does and is worth owning, for me. Just. The changes are VERY subtle, however, particularly to my proudly non-audiophile ears. This is what Ludwig has recently said about it -

'...If you listen on a good set of speakers or good headphones, you’ll hear subtle things in the background that are now much more clear that were somewhat hidden before...".

He is right. I am able to pick up little bits here and there - nuances in the guitar, oomph in the bass or the drums, just small bits that make me think 'hold on, that isn't on the previous remaster". I keep listening to the songs side by side and there are a few differences, but they are unfortunately so minute as to render it virtually impossible for me to really describe them effectively. I have listened to it through several times and feel that Love In Vain, Live With Me, Midnight Rambler, Monkey Man and You Can't Always Get What You Want possibly sound better than on the previous remaster, but Gimme Shelter possibly sounds worse. Or maybe I'm just imagining it all? It is that difficult to pin down.

There you go. I am sorry if I have not really provided a concrete answer about the sound. I have tried my best!


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