Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Fleetwood Mac - Blues Jam In Chicago Volumes One & Two

I got the blues....


Recorded on 4th of January 1969

Fleetwood Mac are one of those groups who had two totally different incarnations. This is very much part of the early Chicago blues-based Peter Green version. Green, John McVie, Danny Kirwan, Mick Fleetwood and Jeremy Spencer meet up in Chicago with legendary bluesers Willie Dixon, Otis Spann, Buddy Guy and David “Honeyboy” Edwards among others to produce a virtually ad hoc album of genuine, axle-grease soaked blues.

It was all done in a day, and yes, it is rough and ready, to an extent, with some between song chatter before they get into their groove, and a few false starts here and there. Once they hit it, though, oh Lordy. This is the essential Fleetwood Mac, for me, a million miles away from Rumours and drenched in the blues. Peter Green’s guitar is superb throughout, as indeed is all the instrumentation. It must have been heaven for the Chicago blues fans of Fleetwood Mac to play at their spiritual home like this. You can just tell they loved it.

There are two volumes that were released and on both the sound quality is stunningly good, especially considering their age and spontaneous nature. The albums don’t really lend themselves to track by track analysis, just put either of them on,  put your feet up and let the blues wash all over you.


Volume One

1. Watch Out
2. Ooh Baby
3. South Indiana
4. Last Night
5. Red Hot Jam
6. I’m Worried
7. I Held My Baby Last Night
8. Madison Blues
9. I Can’t Hold Out
10. I Need Your Love
11. I Got The Blues                                      

Volume Two

1. World’s In A Tangle
2. Talk With You
3. Like It This Way
4. Some Day Soon
5. Hungry Country Girl
6. Black Jack Blues
7. Everyday I Have The Blues
8. Rockin’ Boogie
9. My Baby’s Gone
10. Sugar Mama
11. Homework
12. Honey Boy Blues
13. I Need Your Love
14. Horton’s Boogie Woogie
15. Have A Good Time
16. That’s Wrong
17. Rock Me Baby


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