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Buddy Guy

Damn Right I've Got The Blues (1991)

Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues/Where Is The Next One Coming From/Five Long Years/Mustang Sally/There Is Something On Your Mind/Early In The Morning/Too Broke To Spend The Night/Black Night/Let Me Love You Baby/Rememberin’ Stevie 

Doin’ What I Like Best/Trouble Don’t Last

Released in 1991, legendary Chicago bluesman Buddy Guy, who had worked with many other blues rock artists, such as Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (The Chicago Blues Jams) and The Rolling Stones (Champagne And Reefer), was joined by Jeff BeckEric Clapton and Mark Knopfler as guests for this impressive  “comeback” album.

Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues opens the album in copper-bottomed solid blues fashion. What a title too. 

Where Is The Next One Coming From is even more pounding, with a huge drum sound that comes thumping right out of your speakers. Mark Knopfler is on guitar here but it is not an obvious appearance. The backing vocals are very much in the call and response style. Old hand Katie Kissoon is one of the backing vocalists.

Five Long Years showcases Guy as the great guitarist he is as his searing interjections slice in over the drums and the slowly tinkling bar-room piano. Pete Wingfield is on piano and soloes wonderfully near the end, before a killer solo from Guy. The organ is excellent on here too. 

I guess Mustang Sally is a bit of a “usual suspect” of a song to cover, but Guy and Jeff Beck do it pretty good justice. Guy’s voice is certainly strong enough. Blues always revisits the classic sound anyway, it is the nature of the beast. You know what you are going to get, and, personally, I don’t expect anything else. 

That same deep rumbling sound is all over There Is Something On Your Mind - great guitar, vocals piano and horns. There is a sumptuous saxophone solo too. Basically, if you like blues rock, you will like this. The sound quality is great too, by the way.

Beck and Eric Clapton feature on Early In The Morning. It is an upbeat, horn and backing vocals-powered workout. 

Too Broke To Spend The Night is classic guitar-driven blues rock.  Guy’s guitar solo on here is knife through butter stuff. 

Black Night is given that traditional, smoky, hissy late night jazz production but it crackles with sombre atmosphere. Once again, the guitar work is peerless. The lively punch returns on the rocking Let Me Love You Baby

Rememberin’ Stevie is a slow, dignified instrumental paying tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

** The bonus tracks are the pulsating Doin’ What I Like Best and the gospelly mournful blues of Trouble Don’t Last.

Yes, this album, as some have pointed out, does not offer anything different, but what it offers is the blues and nothing but the blues. That will do for me.

As Mick Jagger enthusiastically said after Buddy had joined them on stage on The Rolling Stones' live album Shine A Light - "Buddy motherfuckin' Guy!"

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