Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The Psychedelic Scene


This is another in Decca/Deram’s excellent series that saw them searching through their vaults from some classic rarities that probably never made it on to Radio One in the years 1967-1969. There is probably far more “freakbeat” and hippy pop on here than Hendrix-style psychedelia, to be honest, but there are still lots of crazy Eastern influences and LSD-dripping lyrics throughout the album. I won’t describe every single track but will mention a few to give a useful taste of where it’s coming from. I have to say that the sound quality throughout the album is simply stunning. Full, bassy and warm.


1. Vacuum Cleaner -Tintern Abbey
2. Shades Of Orange - The End
3. Red Sky At Night - The Accent
4. Baby I Need You - Curiosity Shoppe
5. 14 Hour Technicolour Dream - The Syn
6. In Your Tower - The Poets
7. Colour Of My Mind - The Attack
8. That Man - The Small Faces
9. Guess I Was Dreaming - The Fairytale
10. Woodstock - Turquoise
11. Turn Into Earth - Al Stewart
12. Secret - Virgin Sleep
13. Meditations - Felius Andromeda
14. A Day In My Mind's Mind - Human Instinct
15. Ice Man - Ice
16. Love And Beauty - The Moody Blues
17. Michaelangelo - 23rd Turnoff
18. Bird Has Flown - The Societie
19. Like A Tear - World Of Oz
20. Sad And Lonely - Garden Odyssey Enterprise
21. Deep Inside Your Mind - Keith Shields
22. Gone Is The Sad Man - Timebox
23. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - The Plague
24. Dream With Me - Andy Forray
25. Nite-Is-A-Comin' - Warm Sounds                          

Tintern Abbey’s Vacuum Cleaner is simply wonderful, full of brilliant bass, great drums and superb clear sound. Just great dreamy stuff, man. Shades Of Orange by The End is full of Beatles brass, Lennon-esque vocals and Harrison-style Eastern influence. Derivative it may be, but I still like it. It is quirky and enjoyable.

Red Sky At Night by The Accent is everything you would expect from psychedelic rock - huge, dense guitar riffs, swirling, madcap organ, mysterious, sonorous vocals, monster, rumbling bass. This is another diamond in the rough that not many people know about. Once more, the remastered sound is incredibly good. Curiosity Shoppe’s Baby I Need You has more delicious bass and a funky rolling drum beat. Pefect for some wild go-go dancing. Hey man, just let yourself go.

14 Hour Technicolour Dream by The Syn is more poppy than some of the other numbers. The PoetsIn Your Tower has another mega-heavy bass line and some groovy flute lines, plus more of the seemingly ubiquitous Eastern influences. Colour Of My Mind by The Attack was a freakbeat-ish number that merged a bluesy feel with the psychedelic vibe. The first well-known band to appear on this compilation is The Small Faces with their druggy, intense That Man.

Another known name is Al Stewart. Here he contributes a sombre-sounding number with monastic vocal influences called Turn To Earth. Secret by Virgin Sleep is another beautifully bassy gem. Meditations by the fantastically-named Felius Andromeda is a wonderful piece of freaky pop. Its use of string orchestration came long before The Electric Light Orchestra. I wonder if Jeff Lynne ever heard this?

Ice Man by Ice is infectious, nonsense hippy pop with, it goes without saying, a sumptuous bass line and some of those typical sixties drum rolls. The final one from a famous group is The Moody Blues’ dreamy, harmonious Love And Beauty. I could go on, but there seriously isn't an unlistenable track on here. Just stick this on, light an incense stick and some candles and get far out...