Monday, 1 July 2019

The Clash - A Career In Twenty Songs

These are twenty tracks chosen, not as a "greatest hits" or a "best of", but as a maybe slighty off-centre at times summary of their career, taking in their punk beginnings to their dabblings in reggae and hip/hop styles.

1. Janie Jones (from "The Clash")
2. White Riot (single version)
3. Garageland (from "The Clash")
4. White Man In Hammersmith Palais (single)
5. The Prisoner (single 'b' side)
4. Safe European Home (from "Give 'Em Enough Rope")
5. Tommy Gun (from "Give 'Em Enough Rope")
6. Armagideon Time (single 'b' side)
7. I Fought The Law (single)
8. London Calling (from "London Calling")
9. Brand New Cadillac (from "London Calling")
10. Guns Of Brixton (from "London Calling")
11. Clampdown (from "London Calling")
12. Revolution Rock (from "London Calling")
13. The Magnificent Seven (from "Sandinista!")
14. Somebody Got Murdered (from "Sandinista!")
15. The Equaliser (from "Sandinista!")
16. Washington Bullets (from "Sandinista!")
17. This Is Radio Clash (single)
18. Know Your Rights (from "Combat Rock")
19. First Night Back In London (single 'b' side)
20. Straight To Hell (from "Combat Rock")