Monday, 17 June 2019

UB40 - UB40 Live In London (2009)


Recorded live in London 12 December 2009

This is an excellent and most enjoyable live album from UB40 in their UB40 Mk. II incarnation, without Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey Virtue and featuring "the other Campbell brother", Duncan on vocals, sounding a lot like Ali. I have seen this version of the band live on a couple of occasions and both times they were truly outstanding.

A lot of the material is derived from the group's four Labour Of Love albums, seventeen of the album's twenty-four tracks, in fact. The tour was The Labour Of Love Tour, so it was based around those albums. The track listing shows what the set list included. All the songs are performed enthusiastically and to a high standard.

The sound quality is pretty good. Not quite one hundred per cent, but certainly good enough to enjoy. Sort of. I have to admit there is a certain amount of muffled-ness to it. As I said, though, it is still listenable and it has a good live vibe. A similar album called Live In Birmingham, presumably from the same tour, also exists, featuring exactly the same set list.


1. Train Is Coming
2. Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
3. Wear You To The Ball
4. One In Ten
5. Homely Girl
6. Bring It On Home
7. Cream Puff
8. Impossible Love
9. Cherry Oh Baby
10. Come Back Darling
11. Rainbow Nation/Tyler/King
12. Sweet Sensation
13. Higher Ground
14. Get Along Without You Now
15. Boom Shacka Lacka
16. Dance Until The Morning Light
17. Reggae Music
18. Baby
19. Kingston Town
20. Johnny Too Bad
21. Red Red Wine
22. Please Don't Make Me Cry
23. Easy Snappin'
24. Can't Help Falling In Love


The Deezer album below is the Birmingham show, the only one they have available.

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