Monday, 3 June 2019

Tower Of Power - Soul Side Of Town (2018)

East Bay! All Day!


Released June 2018

This is an excellent comeback album from legendary Oakland, California funksters Tower Of Power, over forty-five years since the first arrived on the scene. The old plus points are still here - melodic but punchy brass, solid funky guitar, cookin' organ, rhythmic drums and shared Earth, Wind & Fire-style vocals. Tower Of Power were great in the seventies and they are great now - this is a really good album, with truly outstanding sound quality. This iconic band have lost nothing. It is a pleasure from beginning to end. I love the atmospheric cover too. Dark, urban streets, a few lights still on in an office block, the narrow street wet with rain. You just may hear snatches of this album coming from a bar.


1. East Bay! All Day!
2. Hangin' With My Baby
3. Do You Like That?
4. On The Soul Side Of Town
5. Do It With Soul
6. Love Must Be Patient And Kind
7. Butter Fried
8. Selah
9. Let It Go
10. Stop
11. When Love Takes Control
12. After Hours
13. Can't Stop Thinking About You
14. East Bay! Oakland Style!      

Highlights are the brassy instrumental romp of Butter Fried, the Earth, Wind & Fire-esque sweet soul of Love Must Be Patient And Kind, the invigorating Southside Johnny-influenced soul rock  of On The Soul Side Of Town, the enthusiastic clavinet-driven Sly Stone meets Parliament-style funk of Hangin' With My Baby.

Do You Like That? has such a seventies soul vibe too, with some sumptuous saxophone, it is great to hear. Let It Go is delightfully smooth and soulful, and Selah is full of both melodious soul and horn-driven funk.

Look, you could make a case for any of the tracks on here, there isn't a poor one among them.

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