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The Law


The Law (1991)

For A Little Ride/Miss You In A Heartbeat/Stone Cold/Come Save Me (Julianne)/Laying Down The Law/Nature Of The Beast/Stone/Anything For You/Best Of My Love/Tough Love/Missing You Bad Girl    

This was a collaboration between ex-Free and Bad Company legendary blues rock vocalist Paul Rodgers and Small Faces/Faces/Who drummer Kenney Jones. It got underwhelming critical reception upon its release in 1991. God knows why. I think it's great. Rodgers' classic, eternally great blues rock voice in sensational, as is Jones' powerhouse drumming. The guitar riffage is excellent too.
Tracks like the storming opener For A Little RideMiss You In A Heartbeat and Stone Cold are muscular rockers easily the equal of a lot of Bad Company's output.

Stone sounds just like a typical Bad Company rock ballad. The sound quality is outstanding on the album - big, bassy and warm. I literally cannot see what was many people's problem with this album. Maybe they found it a bit "AOR" and "commercial heavy rock" in style on tracks like Come Save Me (Julianne) and I guess I can see that but this Paul Rodgers we're talking about. I'll listen to him singing in the bath.

If you like Bad Company, I honestly believe you will like this and Free too, although hardcore blues rock fans may find it too early nineties in its big production. Probably a few too many synthesisers for some tastes. Personally I think it is a great "lost album". Check out the bass, drums and vocals on Laying Down The Law. Quality solid rock, as is the vibrant, rocking Nature Of The Beast. I can seriously recommend this.

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