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A's, B's & Rarities

Moonshine Sally/Crazy/Do You Love Me/Hypnosis/Last Tango In London/Dyna-Mite/Do It All Over Again/Tiger Feet/Mr. Bagatelle/The Cat Crept In/Morning/Rocket/The Ladies/In The Mood/Watching The Clock/Lonely this Christmas/I Can't Stand It/The Secrets that You Keep/Still Watching The Clock/Oh Boy/One Night/Hula Love/Shake Rattle And Roll/See You Later Alligator

There are some excellent compilations in this RAK series - CCSSuzi Quatro and Hot Chocolate. The sound quality is excellent on all of them and they are a chronological document of singles, 'b' sides and a few rarities ear the end. Of all of them, this is probably the least credible, mainly because of the quality of the 'b' sides. Mud's self-penned efforts cannot hold a candle to those of CCS, Hot Chocolate or even Suzi Quatro. In fact, they are pretty awful, I have to say. Glam rock groups were notorious for self-penned, poor quality 'b' sides. Sweet were another offender.


That said, Mud's singles from the Nicky Chinn/Mike Chapman songwriting team were excellent, from the slightly strange, Kinks-influenced early hit singles - Moonshine SallyCrazy and the excellent, little-mentioned Hypnosis, which saw the group dressed up in dandyish 1920s gear before their classic glam rock period, when they adopted the teddy boy look and the big glam drums came in and that "blokes" dance they used to do with their shoulders. The hits were huge, effervescent and infuriatingly catchy - Dyna-MiteThe Cat Crept In and Tiger Feet were classics of the whole goofy, fun genre. It is a strange compilation in that glam classics like Tiger Feet are followed by wistful 'b' sides like the country rock of Mr Bagatelle. It all sounds very incongruous, then The Cat Crept In is next, completely changing the mood.

Rocket is a singalong slice of typical mid-seventies chart pop, while The Secrets That You Keep and a great slowed-down cover of Buddy Holly's Oh Boy are both excellent too.

The rest of it is made up the afore-mentioned decidedly average 'b' sides, some instrumentals, rock'n' roll covers and their moving Christmas song, Lonely This Christmas. Let's be honest, Mud were by far the least credible of the RAK artists, along with the short-lived Arrows, so it is a bit unfair to expect too much from this collection. Still, I own it and am happy to do so as it brings back some nostalgic teenage seventies memories.

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