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Marvin Gaye - I Want You (1976)

Feel all my love inside....


Released March 1976

After his lush, sweet soul recordings earlier in the seventies, Marvin Gaye allowed the rhythm of disco to enter his sphere a little on this classic album of intuitive seduction. The old sensuality and lovemaking themes were still clearly there, but there was a bit more of a syncopated rhythm to the melodies, though, It was a late-night, laid-back groove, however, this was certainly not a dance album. The socially-aware messages of the early seventies were long gone now. Love was the order of the day (and night) here.

The cover gives an impression that this is a no-holds barred, down 'n' dirty party album but that could not be further from the truth, really. It is a late-night, tender album. Let's Get It On is often considered to be Gaye's "bedroom" album. This is a more obvious contender. Whereas the former album is one of suggestion, this is one of getting down to brass tacks.


1. I Want You
2. Come Live With Me Angel
3. After The Dance
4. Feel All My Love Inside
5. I Wanna Be Where You Are
6. I Want You (Interlude)
7. All The Way Around
8. Since I Had You
9. Soon I'll Be Loving You Again
10. I Want You (Reprise)                          

I Want You is a sublime, slow, gently rhythmic groover with a sensual vocal from Marvin, letting his lady know exactly the depth of his desires. The sound quality on this, as indeed it is on the whole album, is outstanding. Come Live With Me Angel is a subtly captivating, percussive number. Once more, the vocals are effortlessly good. The laid-back instrumental After The Dance also features infectious sounds, excellent percussion and electronic keyboard sounds all combining to provide a heady mixture. Feel All My Love Inside has Marvin in no doubt about matters and harks back to his Let's Get It On material. This was quite explicit stuff for 1976, complete with accompanying sounds of pleasure.

I Wanna Be Where You Are is short instrumental and I Want You is a brief saxophone interlude before it eases into the samba-ish All The Way Around. It is another track with some addictive backing drums and percussion. It has a great saxophone solo in it too. Since I Had You opens with a delicious bass line. Unfortunately, Marvin's spoken vocal is drowned out by the backing vocals for a while. Eventually it settles down and we get some more sounds of passion too.

Soon I'll Be Loving You Again is almost like a "next morning" song of rejoicing for the previous night's loving. The title track is briefly reprised to end what was a very sexy album and highly recommended for those certain moments. Enough of that, I might put my back out.


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