Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Cannonball Adderley

Somethin' Else (1958)

Autumn Leaves/Love For Sale/Somethin' Else/One For Daddy-O/Dancing In The Dark/Bangoon (Alison's Uncle)   

I am certainly no jazz expert, so do not take what I write here as particularly informed. I simply own several jazz albums that I enjoy listening every now and again. I love their laid-back, relaxing ambience and excellent quality sound.

Apparently this album is "hard bop", something that had mutated out of the "cool" era just before. It is not as lively as others in that genre, though, being more gentle in rhythm, more laid-back, cool saxophone, trumpet, melodic piano, brush drums and bass. Adderley is the tenor saxophonist, while Miles Davis is on trumpet, returning the favour that Adderley had paid him by appearing on many of his recordings from 1957 onwards.

The compositions

Autumn Leaves is lovely - dignified and beautifully melodic. Lots of sumptuous tinkling piano, drum brushes, stand up bass and some excellent, atmospheric tenor saxophone. 

Love For Sale is an instrumental version of the classic Cole Porter song and again, is most agreeable.


Somethin' Else ups the tempo and "bops" more than the previous two - a jazz club table tapper and head nodder. 

One For Daddy-O (what a late fifties title that is), is quite bluesy in its ambience - slow, sombre and mournful in its melody.

Dancing In The Dark is nonchalantly beautiful. 

** The bonus track, Alison's Uncle, is the "boppiest" number of all of them. Overall, though, this is quite a reflective album.

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