Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Bob Dylan - Live At The Royal Albert Hall (1966)


Recorded live at The Royal Albert Hall May 1966

This is the actual Royal Albert Hall concert from May 1966. The original bootleg for many years claimed that the Manchester Free Trade Hall infamous "Judas" concert from a week earlier was from the Albert Hall. It wasn't.

Anyway, both are now available and have exactly the same set lists. Personally, I found the sound on the Manchester one (part of the Dylan Bootleg Series) to be the better one, finding it warmer and more bassy. The atmosphere is cracking on that one for obvious reasons as Dylan and The Hawks (as The Band were then known), respond to heckling from folkies by producing a positively incendiary electric set. This concert is in exactly the same format - seven acoustic songs followed by eight electric ones. The heckling is not so pronounced, indeed, you sense this audience want to give Dylan a chance. His between-song chats are as slurred and drug-addled as on the previous one though. It is interesting to listen to both concerts, but I will always choose the Manchester one, due to the sound and the pugnacious atmosphere.


1. She Belongs To Me
2. Fourth Time Around
3. Visions Of Johanna
4. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
5. Desolation Row
6. Just Like A Woman
7. Mr. Tambourine Man
8. Tell Me, Momma
9. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
10. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
11. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
12. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
13. One Too Many Mornings
14. Ballad Of A Thin Man
15. Like A Rolling Stone                                  


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