Monday, 3 June 2019

Annie Lennox

A Christmas Cornucopia (2010)

Angels From The Realms of Glory/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/See Amid The Winter's Snow/Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant/The First Noel/Lullay Lullay (The Coventry Carol)/The Holly And The Ivy/In The Bleak Midwinter/As Joseph Was A Walking/Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem/Silent Night/Universal Child

This is an excellent collection of Christmas music, sung by the strong, moving voice of Annie Lennox. It is all traditional carols/winter songs, no US 1950's crooning either. It contains many of my favourite carols, all delivered in a vibrant, atmospheric manner - the wonderful, underrated Angels From The Realms Of GloryGod Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen; the lovely, hymnal See, Amid The Winter's Snow, which I love; the uplifting, anthemic The First Noël ; The Holly And The Ivy and the sublimely haunting In The Bleak Midwinter. All great Christmas fare. Lennox sings them not in a cheesy style, but in a traditional, respectful manner, full of feeling.

There are other lesser-known gems too, like the lovely Coventry Carol. For one such as myself, who doesn't play Christmas music until around December 19th, I have to say I always find this a most enjoyable listen every year as I am making the Christmas coleslaw (beetroot, red onion, red cabbage, curry powder, mango chutney, mayonnaise in case you are wondering).

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  1. I bet this would be a good Christmas album. The only Christmas albums I ever had were The Supremes and Brenda Lee and something about A New Wave Christmas or something like that.

  2. Lol! This one is ok. I don't go for Christmas albums too much, save for a few days from around the 19th December onwards.