Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Wet Wet Wet - High On The Happy Side (1992)

Make it tonight....


Released January 1992

This was when Wet Wet Wet made it properly as a chart act, with a surprising number one in Goodnight Girl. They continued their unique brand of appealing pop/soul with rock influences on this eminently listenable but now slightly dated album. It could do with a remaster too.


1. More Than Love
2. Lip Service
3. Put The Light On
4. High On The Happy Side
5. Maybe Tomorrow
6. Goodnight Girl
7. Celebration
8. Make It Tonight
9. How Long
10. Brand New Sunrise
11. 2 Days After Midnite                        

More Than Love is a nice, sweeping ballad that suffers a bit through a muffled production, particularly on the verses, although it improves a bit when the chorus kicks in. Lip Service has a funky, brassy soul feel to it, with some wah-wah guitar, shuffling, gritty percussion and an affected vocal from Marti Pellow. Not a bad track at all. Put The Light On has shades of Del Amitri about it in its acoustic guitar backing and also in Pellow's voice.

High On The Happy Side is lovely, with a nice late evening backing and yet another impressive vocal. It features a god guitar solo near the end. It is very early nineties though, sounding like the stuff Elton John was doing during the same period. Maybe Tomorrow has a thumping big bass line and an atmospheric, slightly mysterious feel to it. Goodnight Girl was a strangely catchy yet sparsely backed song that became the group's first number one. Celebration is an upbeat, acoustically-driven number, and, after an unremarkable beginning, Make It Tonight bursts out with its irresistible chorus.

How Long is a singalong, soulful but poppy number. Brand New Sunrise is a late-night jazzy, bluesy crooner with a delicious bass line. 2 Days After Midnite is an excellent, lively piece of soul funk upon which to end an album that is far more than just an offering from a chart pop group. It has considerably more than just a bit of credibility about it.