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Vintage Trouble - 1, Hopeful Road (2015)

Run like the river....


Released August 2015

This is the second album from blues/soul/rock California combo Vintage Trouble. After their grab you by the whatever debut in "The Bomb Shelter Sessions". They are rather like contemporary soul artists Leon Bridges, Curtis Harding and Nathaniel Rateliff in varying ways. If you like those three, you will probably like Vintage Trouble. Yes, like those artists, they are retro, but that doesn't bother me, of course. I was born retro. I was twelve in 1971, I was already missing 1968.


1. Run Like The River
2. From My Arms
3. Doin' What You Were Doin'
4. Angel City, California
5. Shows What You Know
6. My Heart Won't Fall Again
7. Another Man's Words
8. Strike Your Light
9. Before The Tear Drops
10. If You Loved Me
11. Another Baby
12. Soul Serenity                                  

"Run Like The River" is a superb, searing guitar-driven slab of upbeat blues rock to kick things off with. You can't keep still to this thumper of a track. "From My Arms" is a delicious, slow burning soulful ballad with a great vocal from the underrated Ty Taylor. "Doin' What You Were Doin'" is just sublime, lovely guitar and a lovely vocal to match with a killer shuffling rhythm backing it. This is soul of the highest quality.

"Angel City, California" rocks to the nth degree. Pounding drums and riffs all over the place. "Shows What You Know" is an Otis Redding-style Southern-sounding soul ballad. "My Heart Won't Fall Again" has a captivating rhythm to it and a catchy chorus. "Another Man's Words" is another deep, bassy, soulful slow number. Taylor's vocal is superb on this one. "Strike Your Light" rocks out once more, at breakneck pace.

"Before The Tear Drops" is a copper-bottomed piece of wonderful blues rock. "If You Loved Me" is a solid, mid-pace rock/soul ballad. "Another Baby" is a frantic rocker of the sort that they do so well and "Soul Serenity" sees the group get their acoustic guitars out for a gentle, tuneful slow number to end on.

I always enjoy Vintage Trouble's energy and genuine soulfulness. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


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