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Tina Turner - Foreign Affair (1989)


Released September 1989

After two successful albums in "Private Dancer" and "Break Every Rule", Tina Turner continued her remarkable renaissance with this rocky and bluesy album, that, although containing some hit singles, also had some credible, down 'n' dirty rock. It is actually quite a mature, sexy, adult rock album, albeit with a few eighties traits such as synthesiser riffs every now and then amidst that polished late eighties sound.


1. Steamy Windows
2. The Best
3. You Know Who (Is Doing You Know What)
4. Undercover Agent For The Blues
5. Look Me In The Heart
6. Be Tender With Me Baby
7. You Can't Stop Me Loving You
8. Ask Me How I Feel
9. Falling Like Rain
10. I Don't Wanna Lose You
11. Not Enough Romance
12. Foreign Affair                                    

"Steamy Windows" is a swampy, bluesy rocker written by legendary Southern States bluesman Tony Joe White. The backing is punchy and intoxicating and Tina's vocal matches it perfectly. "The Best" was a huge hit, and is known to all, (particularly "The Office"'s David Brent). Yes it is cheesy and clich├ęd, but it is also built around a classic rock chorus, I can't help but like it. Killer saxophone solo in it too. "You Know Who (Is Doing You Know What)" is a funky slice of late eighties disco rock.

"Undercover Agent For The Blues" sees Tina return to her r'n'b/blues roots in convincing, seductive fashion. "Look Me In The Heart" is very eighties in places, but it is also extremely soulful. It was a perfect single, although not actually a huge hit. "Be Tender With Me Baby" is a massive soul/rock ballad with some chunky power chords introducing it, an anthemic chorus and a superb, soaring vocal from Tina. Glorious guitar soloing sets it alight even more. "You Can't Stop Me Loving You" is a rhythmic, chugging rocker featuring more superb guitar.

"Ask Me How I Feel" keeps the big, stadium-rock sound going with another rousing corker of a track. "Falling Like Rain" is a sensual groove with another hook of a chorus. "I Don't Wanna Lose You" was the album's other big hit and it is a polished piece of smooth laid-back disco soul. The quality continues with yet another addictive chorus on "Not Enough Romance". The title track is very atmospheric and sort of Dire Straits-ish in its guitar sound. Overall, this is an album absolutely chock-full of excellent tracks. Highly recommended.


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