Thursday, 2 May 2019


"Slayed" by Slade was the first album I ever bought, in 1972. For a few months, they were all that mattered, the first band that I properly liked and followed. In a matter of months David Bowie had made his other-earthly presence felt in my stratosphere and Noddy Holder and his "yam-yam" mates were just a memory of my younger days. I always retained an affection for them, though, and that still remains to this day. Just listening to the bit where Dave Hill's guitar comes in at the beginning of "Take Me Bak 'Ome" reminds me of the point where I really started to appreciate individual parts of music as opposed to just the tune of the song, being aware, for the first time, of who played what on a record. Simple, I know, because it is just a guitar riff, but it was a big progression.


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Beginnings (1969)
Play It Loud (1970)
Slade Alive (1972)
Slayed? (1972)
Sladest (1973)
Old New Borrowed And Blue (1974)
Slade In Flame (1974)

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