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Meat Loaf - Bad Attitude (1984)

Gimme the future with a modern girl....


Released November 1984

After the decidedly underwhelming "Midnight At The Lost And Found" which featured, notably, no input from the inspirational Jim Steinman, Meat Loaf redeemed himself a little on this album by including a couple of Steinman songs that he had previously recorded. They help to give the album something of a "proper" Meat Loaf feel. There are a few other good ones too, so it is an improvement. The sound quality, however, is positively awful - dense and unclear.


1. Bad Attitude
2. Modern Girl
3. Nowhere Fast
4. Surf's Up
5. Piece Of The Action
6. Jumpin' The Gun
7. Sailor To A Siren
8. Don't Leave Your Mark On Me
9. Cheatin' In Your Dreams                          

"Bad Attitude" is a solid enough opener, and features Roger Daltrey apparently, although you can't really hear him, until the end. It suffers badly from the afore-mentioned murky, muffled production. "Modern Girl" features Clare "Dark Side Of The Moon" Torry on vocals alongside Loaf and it was deservedly a hit single. It is a non-Steinman song but, for once, a good one. It is full of Steinman-esque grandiosity and makes you think "great, Meat Loaf is back". It certainly did, for me, back in 1984, upon hearing the single for the first time.

Now we get two Steinman songs. "Nowhere Fast" featured on the soundtrack for a little-known movie, "Streets Of Fire", recorded by Fire Inc. It builds up via a synthesised, disco-ish beat into a full-on dramatic chorus. The suggestive "Surf's Up" first appeared recorded by Steinman himself on his "Bad For Good" album back in 1981. I actually prefer his version to Loaf's, finding it more yearning and sexually motivated. Loaf, despite possessing the stronger voice, takes all the desperate, lusty angst out of it. Who can resist the line "Surf's up - and so am I..." though? He was a naughty one, that Jim Steinman.

"Piece Of The Action" is a big-production "Read 'Em And Weep"-style ballad, again it is much better than any of the material on the previous album. The same applies to the joyous rocking romp of "Jumpin' The Gun". "Sailor To A Siren" is pretty unremarkable, however. This continues as "Don't Leave Your Mark On Me" and "Cheatin' In Your Dreams" pass by without lingering in my memory.

The first six tracks, though, make this one of the best of the "other" Meat Loaf albums (the non full Steinman input ones). It is not great, mainly thanks to the sound, but it is ok.


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