Thursday, 30 May 2019

Bonnie Raitt - Dig In Deep (2016)

Unintended consequence of love....


Released February 2016

I have a load of Bonnie Raitt albums, but they stop at 1989's "Nick Of Time", but I returned for this one in 2016. It is a fine rock album with a full, deep sound and clear proof that Bonnie can still do it, even at 66. Her voice sounds as good as ever, as does her guitar. You know what you're going to get here, so the album certainly doesn't disappoint.


1. Unintended Consequence Of Love
2. Need You Tonight
3. I Knew
4. All Alone With Something To Say
5. What You're Doin' To Me
6. Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
7. Undone
8. If You Need Somebody
9. Gypsy In Me
10. The Comin' Round Is Going Through
11. You've Changed My Mind
12. The Ones We Couldn't Be                          

"Unintended Consequence Of Love" is a mid-pace rocking blues burner to start with, with a gritty vocal and deep bass rhythm. It has a great organ solo at the end. "Need You Tonight" is an INXS cover. It doesn't concentrate on that recognisable riff as much as the original does. It is more Stonesy and Bonnie's delivery makes it more sexy, for me, anyway. "I Knew" is an excellent, soulful country rock number. The vocal and guitar are just great on this, particularly the guitar/organ interplay near the end.

"All Alone With Something To Say" is a slow burning ballad in typical Bonnie Raitt style. Nothing much more can be said about ones like this, they do the business. "What You're Doin' To Me" is an upbeat piece of bluesy bar-room rock. The type Bonnie does with her eyes shut. "Shakin' Shakin' Shakes" is a Los Lobos cover with a lively, rocking vibe to it. "Undone" is a nice, slow, romantic ballad.

"If You Need Somebody" is a chunky, riff-driven mid-pace rocker. "Gypsy In Me" is also upbeat in that typical, grinding bluesy way. "The Comin' Round Is Going Through" continues in similar style, another full on, guitar-driven rocker. The final two tracks, "You've Changed My Mind" and the beautiful, Jackson Browne-esque Raitt-penned "The Ones We Couldn't Be" are both immaculately delivered emotive ballads.

The album, as I said at the beginning, is one of consistency and one that met the expectations you may have had of it.


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