Monday, 8 April 2019

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule (1986)


Released September 1986

After the phenomenal comeback success of "Private Dancer", this follow-up album always tends to get somewhat overlooked, which is a bit of a shame as it is not a bad one. It is a little bit "of its time", with hints of eighties synth-pop but there is certainly some lively and also interesting material on there too.


1. Typical Male
2. What You Get Is What You See
3. Two People
4. Till The Right Man Comes Along
5. Afterglow
6. Girls
7. Back Where You Started
8. Break Every Rule
9. Overnight Sensation
10. Paradise Is Here
11. I'll Be Thunder                                

The first two tracks are corkers, both of which were big hits - the sexy and powerful "Typical Male" and the incredibly catchy, singalong "What You Get Is What You See" with its killer riff. I have always loved this one. "Two People" is a slow burning, sensual ballad. "Till The Right Man Comes Along" is similar, but more upbeat. Very typical eighties pop/rock. "Afterglow" is an atmospheric mid-paced, slightly bluesy number with a good vocal and some excellent guitar backing and solo near the end.

Tina's cover of David Bowie's beguiling "Girls" is convincing, doing the song justice. It is full of feeling and a mysterious ambience is all over it. "Back Where You Started" is a Bryan Adams and has a huge rock riff and a powerful drum attack. I is the heaviest rock song on the album. Tina copes with it, of course. "Break Every Rule" is a catchy, appealing rcok/pop number. Mark Knopfler's "Overnight Sensation" is a bluesy, Southern states-style rocker with, unsurprisingly, some great guitar from the man himself.

"Paradise Is Here" is a saxophone-driven emotive rock ballad and the powerful, grandiose "I'll Be Thunder" finishes things off. This is a very eighties album, you have to say, but not without its strong, solid appeal. Tina's voice is superb throughout, as is the backing.


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