Tuesday, 2 April 2019

The Mod Scene


As with the entire "...Scene" series of sixties rarities released on the Decca and Deram labels, this is a compilation of interesting material, often completely unknown, and all of excellent remastered sound quality. Often, rarities are rarities for a reason - nobody bought them in the first place. Just because they are rare doesn't necessarily make them good. However, although that may be the case for many tracks, most of the ones here are pretty good, I have to say.

A lot of the tracks included are very Northern Soul in sound or else they have a pounding, brassy Chris Farlowe-style soul kick to them. (Farlowe contributes a track himself). There is an energy and ebullient vigour to all of them. There is some great straight up soul on here too.


1. Bert's Apple Crumble - The Quik
2. Make Her Mine - Hipster Image
3. That's The Way It's Gotta Be - The Poets
4. How Could You Say One Thing - The Wards Of Court
5. Stop! Stop! Stop! - Graham Gouldman
6. If Your Love Doesn't Swing - Pete Kelly's Solution
7. Girl Don't Make Me Wait - Timebox
8. Lovingly Yours - The Mockingbirds
9. Expressway To Your Heart - Amen Corner
10. We Don't Know - The Attack
11. Air Travel - Chris Farlowe
12. Little Girl - The Graham Bond Organisation
13. Just One More Chance - The Outer Limits
14. I Need Your Loving - Ronnie Jones
15. Grow Your Own - Small Faces
16. Walking The Dog - Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
17. Baby What You Want Me To Do - Steve Aldo
18. Dr. Love - Tom Jones
19. It's Not What You Do (But The Way That You Do It) - Jimmy Winston And His Reflections
20. Elbow Baby - The Habits
21. Beg Me - The Score
22. That's It - Loose Ends
23. East Side Story - St. Louis Union
24. There You Go - Paul & Barry Ryan
25. Supermarket Full Of Cans - Eyes Of Blue        

"Bert's Apple Crumble" by The Quik is a dare I say delicious and lively instrumental. It is incredibly catchy and toe-tapping. Hipster Image's "Make Her Mine" is a jazzy but also Beatles-esque number. The group also appear on "The R&B Scene". The Poets' "That's The Way It's Gotta Be" is a slightly psychedelic number, while "How Could You Say One Thing" by The Wards Of Court is a brassy, Motown-ish stomp. Graham Gouldman is none other than the same who would go on to have massive seventies success with 10cc. Here his track is a Northern Soul-ish thumper called "Stop! Stop! Stop!".

The Pete Kelly track is very Chris Farlowe-esque and "Girl Don't Make Me Wait", included here by Timebox, was a Northern Soul hit floor filler for Bunny Sigler. Another Northern in feel number is "Lovingly Yours" by The Mockingbirds. The brassy power of Welsh chart-toppers Amen Corner's "Expressway To Your Heart" is just a delight as is the upbeat bassy Otis Redding meets The Animals-style soul of "We Don't Know" by The Attack, with its quite adventurous social message lyrics (for the time). Check out that killer bass line on it too.

Chris Farlowe's "Air Travel" is very Sam Cooke meets The Drifters. An old favourite of these collections is The Graham Bond Organisation, featuring bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker, later to be two thirds of Cream.  His "Little Girl" has just a massive bass sound to it. Truly great stuff. This is no throwaway rarity. It is quality. The Small Faces appear with an organ-driven instrumental and Tom Jones gives us "Dr. Love". Zoot Money always gives value, so to speak, too. "Baby What You Want Me To Do" by Steve Aldo is copper-bottomed bluesy soul.

I really can't praise this album enough (or any of them in the series, for that matter). It kicks posterior from beginning to end. Highly recommended.


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