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Albert King - Years Gone By (1969)

If the washing don't get you then the rinsing will....


Released February 1969

After his debut album for the Stax label in the excellent Born Under A Bad Sign, Albert King cranked up the guitar-driven, horn-backed Stax-y blues on this similarly impressive outing from 1969.


1. Wrapped Up In Love Again
2. You Don't Love Me
3. Cockroach
4. Killing Floor
5. Lonely Man
6. If The Washing Don't Get You Then The Rinsing Will
7. Drowning On Dry Land
8. Drowning On Dry Land (Instrumental)
9. Heart Fixing Business
10. You Threw Your Love On Me Too Strong
11. The Sky Is Crying                                            

The album kicks off with the solid, punchy, brass-backed Stax blues glory of Wrapped Up In Love Again. It features, of course, a killer guitar break from King, mid-track.

A jazzy brass intro leads off You Don't Love Me, which is a solid, catchy instrumental. The sound quality on this, and indeed on all the album, is excellent - nice bass sound and impressive stereo.

Cockroach is an entertaining blues rock number about (obviously) a cockroach. Killing Floor is a slow-paced, riffy, chugging blues. Lonely Man is a contrastingly upbeat, lively rock'n'roll-influenced blues. It is a cover of a Howlin' Wolf song.

If The Washing Don't Get You The Rinsing Will is a wry, bluesy piece of mid-pace rock that expands on a man's bad lot with those darned no-good women. Drowning On Dry Land is a walking pace, traditional blues. It is followed by an instrumental version of the song. Heart Fixing Business is another trademark slow blues rocker, as is You Threw Your Love On Me Too Strong. It is a re-recording of one of King's earlier songs, dating from 1961.

The Sky Is Crying ends the album in the same style. The guitar is once again exhilarating. Look, there is not too much surprising on this album, but if blues rock augmented by superb guitar is your thing then you can't go far wrong with this, or indeed any of the five albums Albert King did for the Stax label.


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