Monday, 18 February 2019

David Essex - On Tour (1975)


Released in 1975


1. All The Fun Of The Fair
2. Hold Me Close
3. Circles
4. Good Ol' Rock 'n' Roll
5. On And On
6. Going For The Big One
7. America
8. Gonna Make You A Star
9. Stardust
10. Streetfight
11. Rock On
12. Rolling Stone
13. Won't Get Burned Again
14. Here It Comes Again
15. All The Fun Of The Fair (Reprise)                  

Despite the background of screaming girls' voices, this is actually a pretty credible concert from David Essex, who produced several vastly underrated albums in the mid-seventies. As well as the obvious well-received hit singles from the period, he gives some good renditions of some of his excellent album tracks, particularly the atmospheric, dramatic "All The Fun Of The Fair".

Essex's band is top notch throughout, although I have to say that a couple of the songs - "Good Ol' Rock 'n' Roll" and "America" suffer from being played a tad too fast, thus depriving them of some of the atmosphere that both the original studio versions undoubtedly possessed.

Other than that, though, it is an enjoyable live set and, although the crowd-pleasers are in there, it doesn't pander to them, bookending the show with album tracks and liberally sprinkling the set with them too. A bit like the Marc Bolan/T. Rex shows from 1973, it shows an artist who wants to be taken seriously in a live context, not simply a teen chart act.


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