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Southside Johnny - Slow Dance (1988)


Released October 1988

This is ostensibly a Southside Johnny "solo" album that sees his him taken away from The Asbury Jukes and given a synthesised, polished programmed drums production. However, there are various Jukes members appearing on the album, and yes, although the sound is very eighties in its programmed nature, the album has its good points and is certainly superior to the previous three albums Southside did with The Jukes ("Trash It Up", "In The Heat" and "At Least We Got Shoes"), all of which were patchy, to say the least.


1. On The Air
2. Sirens Of The Night
3. Little Calcutta
4. Ain't That Peculiar
5. Act Of Love
6. Slow Dance
7. Your Precious Love
8. No Secret
9. When The Moment Is Right
10. Walking Through Midnight                  

Southside wrote much of the material himself, which was unusual, and the songs display some potential. Highlights of his own compositions are the Jukes-ish, soulful "Sirens Of The Night", the yearning "Act Of Love" , the romantic "Slow Dance" and the bluesy horn-powered groove of "Little Calcutta". Smokey Robinson's "Ain't That Peculiar" is covered as impressively as you would expect from Southside. The opener, "On The Air" is smoky and atmospheric and the Springsteen-esque closer, "Walking Through Midnight", with its winning piano line, is probably the album's best track.

It is pretty difficult to get hold of this album these days, and, although it is not something that you should fork out lots of money for, if you can get hold of it cheaply, it is a good listen every now and again. Despite its eighties production and slight dated feel, you can never block your ears to Southside's voice.


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