Monday, 7 January 2019

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - Going To Jukesville (2002)


Released in 2002


1. Passion Street
2. Baby Don't Lie
3. Leaving Behind
4. Gladly Go Blind
5. She's Still In Love
6. Lost In The Night
7. No Easy Way Down
8. Somebody To Love You
9. I Can't Dance
10. Change For You, Baby
11. Lost
12. I Will Be Strong
13. I Won't Sing
14. Tired Skin                              

2002’s “Road To Jukesville” was another "comeback" album from Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, eleven years after the excellent "Better Days". It was once again completely “Asbury Park-ish”, with lots of saxophone and upbeat tunes.

Highlights are the wonderful, atmospheric, rocking “Passion Street”, the similar “Baby Don’t Lie”, another evocative one in “Lost In The Night”, the funkiness of "She's Still In Love" and Southside’s glorious soulful voice on “Gladly Go Blind” and “No Easy Way Down”. The latter has an absolute killer saxophone solo. These are all genuine Southside classics. All the album is of a high standard, it has to be said. Southside's voice is superb throughout, if not a little gruffer and croakier with age. Check out "Leaving Behind", yes it is an older voice, but it still has so much gin-soaked soul. Yes, the quality dips a little towards the end and (actually no, it doesn't, really, listening to it again), as with quite a few post-2000 albums, it is probably a couple of tracks too long. No real matter though, it is still an excellent album.


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