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Bonnie Raitt - Longing In Their Hearts (1994)

Love sneakin' up on you....


Released March 1994

This is a solid bluesy rock album from an artist from who, by now, you knew what you were going to get. There are more self-penned songs and less covers and the feeling is one of confident rock music as opposed to soul or country influenced material. Some of that is on here, but overall, it is a rock album. She was by now an artist with well over twenty years' recording experience and it shows in an accomplished, confident album. It does, however, lack some of the vitality of the late seventies/ early eighties material.


1. Love Sneakin' Up On You
2. Longing In Their Hearts
3. You
4. Cool, Clear Water
5. Circle Dance
6. I Sho Do
7. Dimming Of The Day
8. Feeling Of Falling
9. Steal Your Heart Away
10. Storm Warning
11. Hell To Pay
12. Shadow Of Doubt                                        

Love Sneakin' Up On You is a muscular rock number to open the album, with some good guitar, while Longing In Their Hearts is an appealing, bar-room rocker full of killer riffs and roadhouse vocals. You is a Tex-Mex sounding country ballad. Cool, Clear Water is upbeat and lively with a staccato, reggae-style beat. Circle Dance is a typical, slow pace rock ballad with an impressive, moving vocal performance. It features some subtle violin backing and a nice keyboard and organ interplay. I Sho Do is a bluesy, growly rocker of the type you would expect from Bonnie Raitt in this period. It is nothing special but it is comfortingly solid if you know what  mean. Good, honest, straightforward fare.

At The Dimming Of The Day is a beautiful, plaintive love song. Feeling Of Falling is another bluesy, slow but powerful rock number with bags of atmosphere. Steal Your Heart Away is a keyboard and drums-driven Fleetwood Mac-ish track. Storm Warning is in the same vein, while Hell To Pay is more of a chugging rocker. The closer, Shadow Of Doubt harks back to the first couple of albums with its bluesy, acoustic mournful sound. Overall, though, although this is a competent enough album, there are others I return to before this one.


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