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Barry White - Let The Music Play (1976)


Released January 1976

Barry White's gruff "loverman" persona now extended into his fifth album and in places, however,  it took in the disco thing that was sweeping all before it with some more upbeat material. The last three of the album's six tracks (it was a short album) are reflective of that. All three were hit singles. Lyrically it has switched from extolling the possibilities of hours of endless lovemaking on satin sheets to the downside of love and relationship problems.


1. I Don't Know Where Love Has Gone
2. If You Know, Won't You Tell Me
3. I'm So Blue And You Are Too
4. Baby We Better Try To Get It Together
5. You See The Trouble With Me
6. Let The Music Play                                      

"I Don't Know Where Love Has Gone" is a lively semi-funky, soulful opener, while "If You Know, Won't You Tell Me" is a convincing slow tempo ballad with a solid vocal. "I'm So Blue And You Are Too" is a return to White's typical, slow-paced seductive material, extended to a smoochy seven minutes. It is the only track in this style on the album though. It is beautifully orchestrated, as was usual for this sort of song and White's voice sounds in better shape than it had on his previous album.

The old "side two" features three excellent upbeat, disco-ish toe-tappers in the addictive, catchy "Baby We Better Try And Get It Together", the utterly irresistible "You See The Trouble With Me" and the singalong title track. While the previous album had seen White veering uncomfortably close to becoming formulaic. on this one he seems to discover a slightly different mojo. This is a disco album, but a Barry White-style disco album.


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