Sunday, 20 January 2019

Ace - Time For Another (1975)

I think it's gonna last....


Released in 1975

For me, this, Ace's second album, is a very US-sounding offering, full of country rock vibes, Eagles/America influence and just a general feel of Americana. It is an easier album to categorise than the previous year's debut and, while that album had a more raw soulful rock feel to it, this one is certainly a pleasurable listen. Listening to this, one would be pretty convinced that Ace were a US group as opposed to a UK one.


1. I Think It's Gonna Last
2. I'm A Man
3. Tongue Tied
4. Does It Hurt You
5. Message To You
6. No Future In Your Eyes
7. This Is What You Find
8. You Can't Lose
9. Sail On My Brother
10. Ain't Gonna Stand For This No More                    

I Think It's Gonna Last is an Eagles-esque US-sounding rocker and the appealing I'm A Man gives us more Americana, in its upbeat, guitar-picking country rock sound. Tongue Tied is a melodic, laid-back AOR rock ballad. Its features Eagles meets The Doobie Brothers-style vocals and, again, sounds very much a US easy listening song. Lovely bass line underpinning it too and some excellent guitar. Does It Hurt You is a solidly country rock tune, full of America (the group)-influenced harmonies and a gentle steel guitar backing.

Message To You is a a number that evokes the group's big hit How Long more than anything else on the album thus far, but it still has some convincing Doobie Brothers guitar/vocal interplay making it far more of a US-sounding track than its predecessor. No Future In Your Eyes is a deliciously laid-back slow number with CSNY vocals and a softly funky guitar backing. It is a bit reminiscent of Eric Clapton's material from this period. This Is What You Find continues the sleepy, unthreatening, laid-back ambience. Ace were able to get away with this sort of (admittedly very pleasant) material in 1975. Give it a year or so, however, and it would become culturally irrelevant. The track features some sublime guitar/bass passages, however.

You Can't Lose is slightly more upbeat, albeit in a very Eric Clapton sort of way. More understated funk backs the track and the vocals are very Doobie Brothers. Nice wah-wah solo in the middle as well. Sail On My Brother sounds a bit like a Free rock ballad in both its sound, vocal delivery and its title. Not quite as muscular as Free, though, more like Fleetwood Mac. Ain't Gonna Stand For This No More is a slice of funky blues to finish off another enjoyable but not essential album.