Thursday, 6 December 2018

Little Feat - The Last Record Album (1975)

Down below the borderline....


Released November 1975

Recorded in Los Angeles

This was the last album from the classic 1970-1975 era for Little Feat. I have read some critics say that it is a "flat" album and that you can feel the tension and so on, as the band near a turning point in their career. Personally, I really don't see that. I think it's great. The sound and funky feel is wonderful, to me, anyway. Some have said it is too short. Maybe, but weren't all their albums?


1. Romance Dance
2. All That You Dream
3. Long Distance Love
4. Day Or Night
5. One Love Stand
6. Down Below The Borderline
7. Somebody's Leavin'
8. Mercenary Territory

Romance Dance is a typical slab of Little Feat funk/rock, with a full, muscular, punchy sound to it. Similarly, All That You Dream is big, bassy, powerful and full of funky rocking thump. There is a real soul to this that I love. The guitar and drum sound is superb, if you ask me. Long Distance Love is a beautifully laid-back piece of Southern soul rock with a bit of an Eagles feel to it. Day Or Night has an infectious, shuffling drum intro and another relaxed funky vibe to it. It is six minutes long and ends with a jazzy drum solo.

One Love Stand is very representative of Little Feat - rhythmic, soulful but with that country rock groove to it. Check out the killer guitar solo in the middle. Down Below The Borderline continues in the same vein, almost Steely Dan-esque in places. Somebody's Leavin' has a country soul feeling to it. Mercenary Territory is the sort of thing Traffic were starting to put out around now. I must admit I don't quite get the "flat" accusations. In many ways this is my favourite Little Feat album, but that's just me.


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