Friday, 28 December 2018

Jackson Browne - Lawyers In Love (1983)

Tender is the night....


Released August 1983

This is another fine collection of thoughtful, sensitive songs from Jackson Browne, with his finger on the pulse of politics, the world situation and romance. He is a master craftsman, lyrically and also, by now, musically too. His excellent songs are backed by hooky, often gently riffy AOR rock beats and rhythms. Browne's social comment "message" songs had still not begun to completely dominate as yet, more of the material was still balanced toward relationships and the human condition as opposed to being overtly political, although his personal tide was changing.


1. Lawyers In Love
2. On The Day
3. Cut It Away
4. Downtown
5. Tender Is The Night
6. Knock On Any Door
7. Say It Isn't True
8. For A Rocker                              

Lawyers In Love is a wry look at contemporary throwaway culture sung over a catchy, melodic backing. On The Day is an appealing, mid-pace rock number with a copper-bottomed guitar solo half way through. Cut It Away has a bit of an eighties synthesiser backing but there is also an infectious guitar riff and crystal clear percussion too. Browne's voice is now strong and confident on these recordings too, far more so than ten years earlier. Downtown is very much a big production eighties number, but none the worse for it, although it could drop some of the synthesiser, to be honest.

Tender Is The Night is a seriously good, catchy rocker, with a great hook and evocative vocal from Browne. It is one of my favourites, he does this sort of thing so well. Yes, it sounds a bit eighties, as all the album does, but it still has something special. Knock On Any Door continues in the same vein. Say It Isn't True is a dignified, slow tempo, pot boiler of a rocker, building up slowly over an insistent keyboard/drum beat. Browne' voice is wonderful on this - sad, moving and expressive. For A Rocker is a synthesiser-driven upbeat number to end on. It sounds a bit dated now, it has to be said. Overall, though, this is another impressive Jackson Browne album, but it is definitely of its time.