Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Live At The Bottom Line (1986)

The river runs low....


This is a rare Bruce Hornsby live album. It is one of those "official" bootleg releases take from radio broadcasts and now made available for release. For me, the sound is slightly superior to most bootlegs, no doubt because it is sourced from the radio broadcast. Personally, I find it perfectly listenable.


1. Jacob's Ladder
2. The Way It Is
3. The Long Race
4. Mandolin Rain
5. Extended Piano Solo
6. The Red Plains
7. I Know You Rider
8. Every Little Kiss
9. The River Runs Low
10. The Wild Frontier
11. On The Western Skyline
12. Till The Dreaming's Done
13. Down The Road Tonight                          

Hornsby and the band are on top form, and they play the whole of the The Way It Is album, plus Jacob's Ladder and Till The Dreaming's Done from the forthcoming Scenes From The Southside album. There is also the previously unreleased I Know You Rider (which does suffer a brief sound dropout). Personal favourites are Mandolin Rain, Every Little Kiss and the rocking closer, Down The Road Tonight.

Look, if you are an "audiophile" you will find things to gripe about regarding the sound. If, like me, you are just happy to hear some Hornsby live material from this period then you will enjoy this. I saw them live in 1988 and they were great, so it brings back good memories.


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