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Bonnie Raitt - Takin' My Time (1973)

Cry like a rainstorm.....


Released October 1973

This album really should have broken it big for Bonnie Raitt. Quite why it didn't is a mystery. It is bluesy, lively, rocking, tender too. Just a great album.


1. You've Been In Love Too Long
2. I Gave My Love A Candle
3. Let Me In
4. Everybody's Cryin' Mercy
5. Cry Like A Rainstorm
6. Wah She Go Do
7. I Feel The Same
8. I Thought I Was A Child
9. Write Me A Few Of Your Lines/Kokomo Blues
10. Guilty                                                                

You've Been In Love Too Long
has an infectious funky percussion beat and a great soulful vocal from Bonnie. A cover of a Martha Reeves & The Vandellas number, it is a great, ballsy opener to the album. The album has excellent sound quality and the bass on this number is big and throbbing. Great stuff. The bluesy, rocking voice, the interplay between guitar and percussion, the funky beat, all of it is wonderful. I Gave My Love A Candle is impressive too, sounding almost Jackson Browne-esque in places in its tenderness. Lovely piano backing too and a laid-back, romantic country rock feel. Let Me In is a lively, New Orleans-style brassy upbeat number, full of fun and vitality. Before anyone gets too happy though, we revert to a bluesy mood with a sumptuous, powerful blues cover of Mose Allison's Everybody's Cryin' Mercy. This is Bonnie Raitt at her bluesy best.

Then it is back to mid-tempo country rock balladry with Cry Like A Rainstorm , which is the sort of number that would appear more on the next album, Streetlights, as opposed to the bluesy stuff. Wah She Go Do is a rather bizarre calypso/vaguely reggae Caribbean number, with Bonnie putting on an unconvincing voice. It all sounds pleasant, summery and appealing but I have to say it doesn't really work. I Feel The Same sees a return to the blues, with a haunting, evocative bottleneck guitar backing and excellent vocal. Great guitar at the end.

I Thought I Was A Child actually is a Jackson Browne song and is delivered in a solid mid-tempo rock style. Bonnie sounds like a female Browne, with exactly the right cadences for the song. It is probably a better version than Browne's original from For Everyman. Maybe it is the definitive version of the song. Write Me A Few Of Your Lines/Kokomo Blues is a lively, slide guitar-driven blues while Randy Newman's Guilty is delivered in a beautifully blues meets slow rock'n' roll sort of way. This was a good album, but the emphasis for the next album was to be less of the blues and more of the AOR mid-tempo country rock style.


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