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Barry White - Can't Get Enough (1974)

Can't get enough of your love....


Released February 1974


1. Mellow Mood (Pt. 1)
2. You're The First, The Last, My Everything
3. I Can't Believe You Love Me
4. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe
5. Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It
6. I Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl)
7. Mellow Mood (Pt. II)                                                      

This was Barry White's most successful album, released at the peak of his powers in 1974, it contained two huge chart hits in the lively and soulful, pretty much irresistible Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe and the catchily orchestrated You're The First, The Last, My Everything, which is included here in its full version, complete with spoken intro before that now iconic intro kicks in. The whole album is about White and his orchestra's big, soul string production and nowhere is this exemplified better than on the ten minute slow burning, semi-spoken I Can't Believe You Love Me, which you imagine will eventually get going, but never does. It doesn't need to. It gives people more time to enjoy on the couch...

The album is bookended by two layered instrumentals in Mellow Mood's two parts. The album's remaining two tracks both show White's penchant for a long title in Oh Love, We Finally Made It and I Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl). The strange thing is that lots of his songs have these long titles and I have trouble in remembering any of them. Anyway, back the music. The former is a Marvin Gaye-influenced soul crooner, featuring some sensual saxophone and sumptuous, rumbling bass backing White's deep, slow growling late night vocal. The latter is a slow burner that is slightly more upbeat than I Can't Believe You Love Me, but only just. It takes its time, shuffling along with White's vocal rarely getting into second gear, typifying his material at its best.

If one album of Barry White is all you need, it should either be this one or Stone 'Gon. The current 2018 remaster as included in the 20th Century Albums box set is truly outstanding too, excellent sound quality.

Below is a clip of Barry performing You're The First, The Last, My Everything.


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