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The Supremes - Floy Joy (1972)


Released May 1972


1. Your Wonderful Sweet Sweet Love
2. Floy Joy
3. A Heart Like Mine
4. Over And Over
5. Precious Little Things
6. Now The Bitter, Now The Sweet
7. Automatically Sunshine
8. The Wisdom Of Time
9. Oh Be My Love

This was the fourth of The Supremes early seventies Motown albums. All of the songs contain songwriting input from Smokey Robinson, and you can tell. Just listen to the memorable opener - "Your Wonderful Sweet, Sweet Love" which is, in my opinion, a true "forgotten" Motown classic. It is catchy, melodic, bassy and singalong at the dame time. Jean Terrell's vocals are superb on this. Wonderful stuff. The same applies to the hit single "Floy Joy", which features a smoky vocal and irresistible guitar and vocal refrains from Mary Wilson and Jean Terrell. It is such a nostalgic memory of the early seventies for me.

"A Heart Like Mine" is a late-night, soulful romantic number with a lovely lead vocal from Mary Wilson. "Over And Over" has Terrell sounding just like Diana Ross and it has a real late sixties feel to it. "Precious Little Things" is a shuffling, rhythmic groove of a love song.

The old "side two" started with a lengthy, funky groove in "Now The Bitter, Now The Sweet", with new member Cindy Birdsong on lead vocals, an adventurous, brooding number with sight hints, for me, of Smokey Robinson's "Just My Soul Responding". It is the most "adult", least commercial, most credible track on the album. "Automatically Sunshine" has Terrell and Wilson sharing vocals once more on the well-known hit single. "The Wisdom Of Time" is a laid-back, sleepy soulful groove. All very tuneful and relaxing. "Oh Be My Love" has a killer buzzy guitar intro and a funky rhythm to it with some delicious drum work.

This was a typical, very short early seventies album. In my view it is a better collection than the previous year's "Touch", indisputably due to Smokey Robinson's input.


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