Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Law - The Law (1991)

Laying down the law....


Released in 1991

This was a collaboration between ex-Free and Bad Company legendary blues rock vocalist Paul Rodgers and Small Faces/Faces/Who drummer Kenney Jones. It got underwhelming critical reception upon its release in 1991. God knows why. I think it's great. Rodgers' classic, eternally great blues rock voice in sensational, as is Jones' powerhouse drumming. The guitar riffage is excellent too.


1. For A Little Ride
2. Miss You In A Heartbeat
3. Stone Cold
4. Come Save Me (Julianne)
5. Laying Down The Law
6. Nature Of The Beast
7. Stone
8. Anything For You
9. Best Of My Love
10. Tough Love
11. Missing You Bad Girl              

Tracks like the storming opener For A Little Ride, Miss You In A Heartbeat and Stone Cold
are muscular rockers easily the equal of a lot of Bad Company's output.

Stone sounds just like a typical Bad Company rock ballad. The sound quality is outstanding on the album - big, bassy and warm. I literally cannot see what was many people's problem with this album. Maybe they found it a bit "AOR" and "commercial heavy rock" in style on tracks like Come Save Me (Julianne) and I guess I can see that but this Paul Rodgers we're talking about. I'll listen to him singing in the bath.

If you like Bad Company, I honestly believe you will like this and Free too, although hardcore blues rock fans may find it too early nineties in its big production. Probably a few too many synthesisers for some tastes. Personally I think it is a great "lost album". Check out the bass, drums and vocals on Laying Down The Law. Quality solid rock, as is the vibrant, rocking Nature Of The Beast. I can seriously recommend this.


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