Thursday, 4 October 2018

The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones No. 2 (1965)

Down the road apiece....


Released January 1965

Recorded in the USA and London

Running time 36.58

They are strange things, these early Rolling Stones albums, in that there are UK and US versions (similar to The Beatles) and tracks from one album crop up on another or don't appear at all on an album and so on.


1. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
2. Down Home Girl
3. You Can't Catch Me
4. Time Is On My Side
5. What A Shame
6. Grown Up Wrong
7. Down The Road Apiece
8. Under The Boardwalk
9. I Can't Be Satisfied
10. Pain In My Heart
11. Off The Hook
12. Suzie Q                                                       

This is basically the group's second UK album and includes some tracks that appeared on the US-only "12 x 5" and some that would appear on the forthcoming US-only release, "The Rolling Stones, Now!". Like the group's debut album it contained a fair few r 'n' b cover versions, notably Chuck Berry's You Can't Catch Me, Solomon Burke's Everybody Needs Somebody To Love and Muddy Waters' I Can't Be Satisfied. The Stones covered this sort of material so well. Mick Jagger gives Somebody To Love an almost ad hoc, almost "live" feel. Jagger/Richards compositions were now also beginning to make themselves known - What A Shame, Grown Up Wrong and Off The Hook are on this one. It is the next step in their development. Of course, individual non-album singles were also being released at the same time.

When the early albums were remastered in 2002 by ABKCO, they overlooked this one (as they did the UK version of The Rolling Stones, the group's first album), so it is pretty difficult to get hold of individually. It is available in its original form as part of the excellent Rolling Stones In Mono box set. The sound on all these early albums in mono is mind-blowingly good - full, powerful, bassy and crystal clear. Perfect mono. Stereo versions of What A Shame and the infectious Down The Road Apiece appear on the ABKCO version of The Rolling Stones, Now!. These are impressive but listening to the album in booming, bassy mono is a highly recommended experience.


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