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The Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads (1965); December's Children (1965)

Mercy mercy....



Out Of Our Heads released September 1965

Running time 29.36

December's Children released December 1965

Running time 29.04

Out Of Our Heads, along with December's Children was one of those confusing UK/US released albums which varied considerably between each release. Out Of Our Heads was released in both countries, and December's Children was a US-only release. All of the albums contained some of the same songs, but also significant changes.

These were the albums, and the year, 1965, which saw The Rolling Stones really start to stand on their on two feet as a credible rock band singing their own credible rock songs. Yes, each album contained contemporary soul covers as well (as opposed to the r 'n' b covers of their 1964 albums), but they also had some seriously good Jagger/Richards original compositions, such as Satisfaction and Get Off My Cloud. Even the covers now showed The Stones to be masters of their art, a band in total control. These albums would, however, be the last of their albums to include covers. Aftermath in 1966, would be completely made up of Jagger/Richards songs. The inclusion of a few live tracks dotted around in these albums was pretty superfluous and detracts from the quality.

The albums were recorded in mono and are best listened to either via the ABKCO 2002 remasters or as part of the excellent Rolling Stones In Mono box set. The sound on the latter is truly superb - speaker-pounding and floor-shaking in its pure mono, vibrant, heavy bassy, centred sound. Just listen to that throbbing bass and clear, jangling guitar on Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')Some have a poor sound that no amount of remastering will cure, I am thinking particularly of She Said Yeah.

Overall, however, these are albums that are very much part of a time of change for The Stones. They were their Beatles For Sale.

Here are the track listings for each release:-

Out Of Our Heads UK - She Said Yeah/Mercy Mercy/Hitch Hike/That's How Strong My Love Is/Good Times/Gotta Get Away/Talkin' 'Bout You/Cry To Me/Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')/Heart Of Stone/The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man/I'm Free

Out Of Our Heads US - Mercy Mercy/Hitch Hike/The Last Time/That's How Strong My Love Is/Good Times/I'm Alright (live)/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/Cry To Me/The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man/Play With Fire/The Spider And The Fly/One More Try

December's Children US - She Said Yeah/Talkin' 'Bout You/You Better Move On/Look What You've Done/The Singer Not The Song/Route 66 (live)/Get Off My Cloud/I'm Free/As Tears Go By/Gotta Get Away/Blue Turns To Grey/I'm Movin' On


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