Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Clash - Hits Back


This is an excellent double album covering the best of The Clash, both in singles and album tracks. It is an album of studio recordings, but the track running order is based on one of their live concert set lists (a damn good one it is too). For that reason it offers a different take on the "best of" concept and makes for a thoroughly enjoyable listen. All the good stuff is here anyway. It is one great track after another, literally.

For those who are wondering, though, it has to be reiterated - is is NOT a live album!

The material is sourced from the excellent Mick Jones-supervised, most up-to-date remasters, as used on the "Sound System" box set and all the studio albums. These, for me, are the definitive Clash remasters.

For someone who wants to dabble in The Clash and a bit more, they can't go wrong with this excellent compilation.


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