Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Clash - Five Studio Albums Box Set


This box set contains all five studio albums from The Clash, all superbly remastered under the supervision of guitarist Mick Jones. They are the best remasterings I have heard of the material, and I have found I am discovering little bits of sound or nuances in tracks that I never knew were there. Tracks like “Cheapskates” and “Drug-Stabbing Time” from “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” are both examples of tracks that just sound much better. Regarding the albums, it is “Sandinista!” and “London Calling” that are particularly impressive under their new mastering and “Combat Rock” on which the difference is not so apparent.

Just to recap what the albums are in the set:-

The Clash (1977)

The band's now iconic, breakneck debut packed full of short, sharp full-on punk attack cuts (and the extended reggae cover "Police And Thieves").

Give 'Em Enough Rope (1978)

The punk sound is beefed-up and lengthened a bit on an album that is more "rock" than "punk". My favourite Cash album.

London Calling (1979)

Considered by most to be The Clash's finest moment. A double album that saw them really spread their wings and cover all sorts of styles.

Sandinista! (1981)

If "London Calling" saw a multitude of types of music covered, this sprawling but in many ways remarkable triple album is a most underrated and beguiling piece of work.

Combat Rock (1982)

Commercially, this was very successful, and for some, their first taste of The Clash. For me, it is my least favourite one. It falls away in its second half, but this is a minor piece of nit-picking. The Clash were once called "the only band that matters". For a short while, they really were.


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