Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Momofuku (2008)

American gangster time....


Released April 2008

This album was, apparently, rush-released after Costello had been ranting about never releasing anything in the UK ever again. His hot air all came to nothing and this album suddenly appeared. It was a good one too, one of his best, rockiest non-Attractions albums.


1. No Hiding Place
2. American Gangster Time
3. Turpentine
4. Harry Worth
5. Drum And Bone
6. Flutter And Wow
7. Stella Hurt
8. Mr. Feathers
9. My Three Sons
10. Song With Rose
11. Pardon Me Madam, My Name Is Eve
12. Go Away                                                  

The Attractions-ish "No Hiding Place" opens the album in lively fashion, while "American Gangster Time" has real echoes of Bob Dylan in the "Blonde on Blonde" era, plus once again lots of Attractions-style music, particularly the keyboards. It is a thumpingly impressive track, and Costello sounds really "up for it", vocally. "Turpentine" is a wonderful, psychedelic style song, slightly in the vein of "Lipstick Vogue", from "This Year's Model", especially in Pete Thomas's drum sound. "Harry Worth" is one of those typically-Costello staccato numbers, with that instantly recognisable drum sound. The song is named after long-forgotten comedian Harry Worth, who was really popular in the late sixties/early seventies. The song doesn't seem particularly related to him, however.

"Drum And Bone" is a jazzy-ish, slightly bluesy rocker in that Costello-blues style. "Flutter And Wow" has a big, thumping bass sound backing Costello's yearning vocal. "Stella Hurt" is a marvellous, grinding number, with some great organ and industrial-sounding guitar. It burns from beginning to end. "Mr. Feathers" is one of those shuffling 1920s/30s jazzy ballads Costello specialises in.

"My Three Sons" is a slow and emotive song from Costello to his sons. It is melodic, atmospheric and heartfelt too. "Song With Rose" sounds like something off "Blood And Chocolate", with some Attractions-Style piano. "Pardon Me Madam, My Name Is Eve" is an infectious-sounding song full of archetypal Costello wordplay. "Go Away" is sort of sixties blues rock meets Oasis, with the latter's rhyme scheme in the chorus.

Overall, this is an impressive, largely upbeat Costello album. Very powerful and rock-ish in its sound, like "Brutal Youth".


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