Sunday, 14 October 2018

Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits


Bruce Springsteen “best of” compilations are a bit of a strange thing, because, certainly for me, much of his best material lies in lengthy album cuts such as “Jungleland”, “Racing In The Street”, “Rosalita” and “Backstreets” and quality album cuts like “The Promised Land’, “Sandy”, “She’s The One”, “Independence Day” and “No Surrender”, among many, many others. None of those appear here, or on any other “best of” collections. This is a shame in a way, because within these tracks lies much of the heart and soul of Bruce Springsteen. The same theory can be applied to the “best of” sets of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. The great, lengthy narrative songs are not on there.

That said, of course, there is still some truly wonderful material on here. What a first three tracks you get in the iconic “Born To Run”, the magnificent, evocative, uplifting “Thunder Road” and the muscular, anthemic rock of “Badlands”. “The River” and “Hungry Heart” are not bad as the next two tracks in the running order, either.

I have never been a huge fan of “Dancing In The Dark” or “Glory Days”, unfortunately. There are other lesser-mentioned classics too in the heartbreaking “Streets Of Philadelphia”, singalong rock of “Better Days” and the bleak, acoustic “Atlantic City”. Long time fans like me will be delighted in the inclusion at the end of previously unavailable songs in “Secret Garden”, “Blood Brothers”, “Murder Incorporated” and the wonderful “This Hard Land”, one of my favourite ever Springsteen tracks. The version here is slghtly different to the one that appeared on the “Tracks” rarities compilation.

So, it is a sort of “yes” and “no” collection as far as I’m concerned.


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