Thursday, 27 September 2018

Simple Minds - 5 x 5 Live (2012)


Recorded live in 2012

This is a great live album from Simple Minds. It has the concept of taking five tracks from each of the first five albums the band did (before they became a "stadium rock" band) and playing them live, in 2012. These five albums were almost "cult" albums that fans who knew Simple Minds from their big, successful mid eighties/early nineties period often knew nothing about.

It is great to hear the band in their more current incarnation revisiting these old tracks and playing them superbly, giving them a real "oomph" that the originals sometimes lacked. This is particularly true on the tracks from their debut album, 1979's "Life In A Day", which were very tinny in their original format but simply come to a big, bassy new life here. Just check out the title track from that album on here for proof. It has become massive. "Celebrate", from "Empires And Dance" also sounds superb too. In fact they all do. Too many to simply name and compliment them all.

Yes, Jim Kerr's voice is older and throatier, but that is a good thing, particularly on those first album tracks, where his voice was originally more of a bleat. I cannot recommended this album highly enough. It's great. A really good concept too. More bands should undertake similar.


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