Friday, 14 September 2018

Rod Stewart

It was "Maggie May" that first captivated me as a twelve year-old, watching him kick footballs around on "Top Of The Pops". I liked his flamboyant, laddish cheekiness and it was just such a great song, wasn't it? I duly bought the single and then "You Wear It Well", "What Made Milwaukee Famous" and "Oh No Not My Baby" as they came out. I became a Faces fan too, unsurprisingly. As the decade continued, I faced the dilemma that faced many Rod Stewart fans as he turned up on "Top Of The Pops" in make-up to sing "The First Cut is The Deepest" just as punk was beginning to take off and, by 1978 was coming out with the awful cod-disco of "Day Ya Think I'm Sexy?" What to do? a hugely credible artist was becoming a preening self-parody in front of our eyes.

The thing is, though, old Rod could still come out with a killer song - "I Was Only Joking" and "You're In My Heart" were two such examples. Despite my immersion in punk at the time, Rod was still a guilty pleasure.

(by the way, the piano player on the "Top Of The Pops" shot opposite is none other than John Peel, sitting in for a bit of a laugh. I'm not sure if he could play).

The eighties saw him decline into synth pop, as did Elton John, The Rolling Stones and even Bob Dylan so I guess he could be forgiven (just) but I have to say I paid little attention to him during his period. I have come back to him with his later albums and caught him live on a few occasions and a good time was had by all, as Stewart himself may have said. He is another of these artists, like Dylan, Elton, The Stones, Springsteen, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello that I have never given up on, over so many years.


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An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down (1969)
Gasoline Alley (1970)
Every Picture Tells A Story (1971)
Never A Dull Moment (1972)
Sing It Again, Rod (1973)
Smiler (1974)
Atlantic Crossing (1975)
A Night On The Town (1976)
Footloose And Fancy Free (1977)
Blondes Have More Fun (1978)
Foolish Behaviour (1980)
Tonight I'm Yours (1981)
Body Wishes (1983)
Camouflage (1984)
Every Beat Of My Heart (1986)
Out Of Order (1988)
Vagabond Heart (1991)
Lead Vocalist (1993)
A Spanner In The Works (1995)
When We Were The New Boys (1998)
Human (2001)
It Had To Be You (2001)
As Time Goes By (2003)
Stardust (2004)
Thanks For The Memory (2005)
Still The Same (2006)
Soulbook (2009)
Fly Me To The Moon (2010)
Merry Christmas Baby (2012)
Time (2013)
Another Country (2015)
Blood Red Roses (2018)

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