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Rod Stewart - Lead Vocalist (1993)

No-one speaks English, and everything's broken....


Released February 1993

This is an excellent compilation from 1993 covering Rod Stewart's career so far, including some rarities and a few tracks not available on other albums. Here are the tracks included:-

"I Ain't Superstitious" - An excellent slice of blues rock from Rod's Jeff Beck Group days, with Jeff providing some seriously searing, wah-wah-ing guitar licks and Rod some seriously bluesy vocals.

"Handbags And Gladrags" - The iconic, Faces-style ballad from "An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down". However many times I listen to it, it's always just as good.

"Cindy Incidentally" - This time it is The Faces, with one of their most underrated, appealing singles from 1973. Also on the "Ooh La La".

"True Blue" - An superb rocker from 1972's "Never A Dull Moment". Great guitar riffs abound. Again, it is very much a Faces song in style.

"Sweet Lady Mary" - An evocative Faces ballad from their "Long Player" album. One of The Faces' best slow numbers.

"Hot Legs" - The saucy, riff-laden rocker from "Footloose And Fancy Free". It needs no introduction.

"Stand Back" - A Stevie Nicks cover from her album "The Wild Heart" in 1983. As always, Rod covers it convincingly.

"Ruby Tuesday" - Covering The Rolling Stones is never easy. Stewart does it effortlessly, giving the originally plaintive song a new punch and power. I love this one.

"Shotgun Wedding" - Another superb cover of an obscure soul track, originally by Roy C. In Stewart's hands it sounds even better. Full and soulful.

"First I Look At The Purse" - Smokey Robinson's bluesy slow burner is again given a rousing, pulsating new life.

"Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)" - Stewart makes Tom Wait's evocative, atmospheric and lyrically perplexing song his own. It really suits his voice and he lends it a real pathos. Great stuff. Best track on the album.

If it seems I am queuing up to praise all of Stewart's renditions of the songs he covers, I have nothing to apologise for because, in my opinion, he does them all justice and makes them well worth a listen. Some of his later albums of cover versions ("Still The Same" and "Soulbook") have been patchy, to say the least, but on this one he nails them.


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