Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Rolling Stones - Totally Stripped (1995)


Live material from 1995

This coffee table book edition is nicely presented and has some excellent photographs plus three whole concert DVDs  dating from 1995 in Amsterdam, Paris and London. All are outstanding in both sound and picture quality. Very atmospheric. There is also a watchable documentary showing backstage stuff and The Stones at work/rehearsals/comments and the like. The music CD you get is a compilation of tracks from all three shows.

It is the music that is the most important thing to me, and initially I was frustrated that the full concerts were available on DVD but not on CD, which has always been a problem with the Forty Flicks and The Biggest Bang DVD material. However, the concerts are now available digitally as individual downloads, which suits me fine. The sound quality on them is excellent, the live atmosphere palpable and there are a few live rarities in each concert, although, obviously, much of the material is the same at each show.

Highlights are The Spider and The Fly, Connection, The Worst, Down In The Bottom, I Go Wild, Black Limousine, Monkey Man, Faraway Eyes, Sweet Virginia and Shine A Light. These are all tracks that don’t get as many live airings as many of the usual suspects that have been populating The Stones’ live sets for years. This is The Stones at their live best from the 90s/00s period. Energetic, enthusiastic and exhilarating.

The best thing to do is get hold of both the DVD set and the individual downloads.


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